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We have just the right recipe
as a family hotel

…to create THAT SPARK IN THEIR EYES! We know how to keep demanding teens busy, bring a sparkle to the eyes of the younger ones, a relaxed smile on mom's face and lots of enjoyment with a good drop of wine. There is also nothing like hitting the road – getting the kids and baggage packed and taking off to St. Moritz.

«Give children love, more love and still even more love, then good manners will come by themselves.»

–Astrid Lindgren


…Sometimes adults want to have a little time alone – kids too. As a family hotel, we also of course have our exciting Mountain Kids Club for our younger guests. A journey of discovery through the nearby outdoor playground is lots of fun and gives kids a big appetite and a good night’s rest. Kids even dine in their own restaurant all by themselves.


…Teens can treat themselves to a little time out from the family. A cool family hotel with its exclusive FREESTYLE ACADEMY – a haven specially tailored to teens for playing computer games, pinball and billiards. A little more vacation fun for the younger members of the team too.

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